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 UGC at Eastern Shore Fan Expo Last Week

Photo: Eric and Jabaar doing their panel
Eric Cooper (L) and Jabaar Brown (R) at a panel discussion

 This is Underground, with Greg Larocque, from DC,Marvel" 

 Photo: Soul" by Dc comic book artist" thanks Greg                    Photo: The cover for my new book! I like it, it came out pretty good I think
 Soul" by DC comic book artist"                                 New Hustla cover
Greg Larocque

Scarlet Saint" from Phil Bledsoe, pencils and ink by Jabaar Brown.underground comixxx!


 The Rise

Underground Comixxx is on the rise baby.  We have acquired new artists and new writers that will usher in the Underground Comixxx explosion.  Wayne Sutphin is one of Underground Comixxx's blazing new hot artist.  He brings a drawing style that is realistic with a comic book feel. However, Sutphin's style is not limited.  He's like a boxer switching up to South Paw just to add excitement (no worries styles won't vary within the same book or with characters already drawn in a certain style).  We just wanted make light to his versatility...the artwork is bangin'. Oh yeah, this dude got inking skills, too.   Phil Bledsoe is another standout new addition.  Bledsoe is a talented writer that will be bringing the characters to life with awesome story lines. We have no doubt that his creative story lines will have you reading and begging for more.  This team is about to do big things.  Stay Tuned


Now Available!

Issue # 3 Debut at Baltimore Comic Con TODAY!

Table A256


it's official - we are neglecting our site!  For that we are sorry!!!! Da Click dropped at ECBAC and Wizard Philly.  Copies are available.  Email us for more info.  Keep an eye out for our new projects coming before Christmas.  The next project to come is the next Revolution Magazine featuring The creators of Brotherman!.  Summer is hot!  But we are working all the time. 


New book coming 1 month!